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Basso Chorum Steel | Nylon

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The Chorum Steel | Nylon Bass is a Electro-Acoustic Fretless Hollow Body instrument, with a unique design and a sound that is very similar to that of a double bass. It has a deep sound, sustained and very rich in harmonics because it has a chained soundboard and a reduced thickness, and the body entirely dug.

The sound is characterized by a full bodied and dynamic timbre, with clean, precise and brilliant attacks, that can be traced back to that of a double bass.

The fundamental characteristic of this bass is its weight: only 2.3 kg!

The bass is electrified through piezo pickup and controlled with active preamp able to steal and pull out all the frequencies, harmonics and dianamics produced by the whole instrument, from the handle to the soundboard.

The color is the natural color of wood or dyed with aniline, always with visible grain. The finish is made with oil, which in addition to protecting the wood, makes the handle sliding and highlights all the grain of the wood.

On request in 5-string version and Fretted Version

Datasheet Chorum Nylon Bass

Electro-Acoustic Fretless 4 or 5 strings Bass

  • Body Mahogany
  • Soundboard Ash, Maple or Spruce "qualità standard"
  • Neck (sit in) Mahogany
  • Truss Rod double action + carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Fretboard Rosewood or Blackwood tek
  • Bridge Rosewood
  • Strings Galli Black Nylon
  • Tuners Gotoh
  • Preamp Shadow
  • Nut 38 mm buffalo bone
  • Scale 34”
  • Radius 20”
  • Controls 2 volumes + Tone + Phase + Tuner
  • out Jack 1/4"
  • Hard case drop shape Deluxe

The data sheet with the features refers to the standard bass, but can be customized with different woods, electronics, finishing, coloring, etc. Each instrument is a unique creation, as all the pieces that make up the instrument is handmade, starting from the raw wood.

(price referring to a "standard" instrument, as per the technical data sheet indicated above)
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Basso Chorum Steel | Nylon
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