Over the years it has always placed a particular focus on requests, advice, assessments and observations made by those musician by profession or simply out of passion. Based on this valuable input Lodato Guitars has designed and currently manufactures different types of guitars and basses, assembled with the finest materials and the accuracy of the lutherie art craft. The instruments are created along tree original models: Pompei, Oplonti and Vesuvius Each instrument is a unique creation, as all the pieces that make up the instrument are handmade, starting from the raw wood. Therefore, each instrument will be similar to another, but never the same. They realize, on request, custom guitars and basses.


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Corpus Power

Datasheet Corpus Power Bass Electric 4 strings Bass Body Swamp Ash Top figurated wood Neck (bolt on or sit-in) Laminated or Maple Truss rod double action + carbon fiber reinforcement Fretboard...

€1,500.00 Available in 90-120 days

Corpus Power Headless

Scheda tecnica Corpus Power Headless Basso Elettrico a 4 corde Corpo Frassino Top legno figurato "qualità Standard" Manico (bolt on o sit in) Laminato o Acero Rosted Truss rod doppia azione +...

€1,600.00 Available in 90-120 days
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Corpus Power Jazz

Datasheet Corpus Jazz Buddy Bass Electric Bass 4 or 5 strings Body Ash Top Figurated (standard quality based on availability) Neck (bolt on) Roasted Maple Truss rod double action + carbon fiber...

€1,440.00 €1,600.00 Ready for delivery

Cavus Steel | Nylon

Datasheet Cavus Steel | Nylon Bass Fretless Acoustics Bass 4 strings Body  Mahogany Top  figured Wood "standard quality" Neck (sit in) Mahogany Truss rod double action + carbon fiber...

€1,100.00 Available in 90-120 days

Cavus Belcanto

Datasheet Cavus Belcanto Bass Electric Bass 4 strings Body Ash Top Spalted Maple Neck (bolt on) Laminated or Roasted Maple Truss rod double action + carbon fiber reinforcement Fretboard Rosewood or...

€1,500.00 Available in 90-120 days