> The Idea

Lodato Guitars are the result of a passion for music transformed into an instrument. I'm a musician, teacher of classical guitar; the passion for lutherie arises from the need to have an electro-acoustic instrument with nylon strings that has unique and particular characteristics: not very bulky, suitable for live performances, unique design, with its own sound, not covered by a layer of paint and therefore that feel is natural with wood free to vibrate.

From this research, studies and technical tests the "Lodato Guitars" project started.

Basically every musician is looking for the "His instrument", and I, with my passion and my instruments, I try to help musicians in this research.


> The Production

Lodato Guitars are manufactured from 2008 through a process of hand-crafted in a small and modest laboratory, located in Italy, in Torre Annunziata, city at the foot of Vesuvius (ancient city of Oplontis), near Pompeii, in the province of Naples. Current production includes the construction of about 12 instruments a year, including guitars and basses, distributed through the website and directly at the laboratory. 


> The choice of materials: Quality and Sustainability

Those who choose a handmade product must always put in mind the excellent quality of raw materials, so you never save money on these.

It case of a low or a guitar of course it's all about wood: after careful research and selection of the various specialized suppliers of raw material strictly selected for luthery, we chose to rely on people who do their job with passion and professionalism and who are able to supply material from forests managed in a manner responsible and controlled (FSC certified companies).

The natural oil paints and the waxes for the finishes are produced handmade in Italy and are highest quality. This type of finish is preferred, as well as for the excellent sound and visual result, also for the very low environmental impact compared to all synthetic paints (polyurethane, nitro etc.)

For the supply of electronic and hardware parts the choice of product to use it is much broader because there are many manufacturers worldwide. The intent is to find particular pieces and perhaps handmade, always choosing between excellent products, especially between the marks is not labeled, and then to pay the quality at the right price. 


> The instruments: Handicraft and Design

Lodato Guitars are distinguished by the quality of materials, the care for the assembly, the uniqueness of the individual instruments and original design.

Particular attention is placed to the assembly. Fundamental is the use of special glues used purely in luthiery in that, once a "welded" together the parts made with the excellent wood chosen for the realization of the instrument, allow the natural transmission of vibrations produced by the same. In fact, our instruments have a sustain and a transmission harmonic outstanding, noticeable even when the instrument "off". Also, to prevent the damping of the natural frequencies produced from wood, it is preferred natural finish with oil paints, which in addition to protecting the instrument, highlights the beautiful grain of the wood.

Each instrument is unique because it is made by hand made. The woods used, especially for the top, are chosen from unique and special.

The design of Lodato Guitars is unique: the result of careful consideration of many factors, both practical and aesthetic, related to the choice of figures and colors of the woods, has undergone changes over the years and certainly will suffer still ... basically the intent of the luthier is always to adapt the instrument to the needs of the musician, transmitting to the creations all their recommendations and requests.

In addition to the models proposed by Lodato Guitars they are produced guitars and basses Signature (custom designs or reproductions)